A single comprehensive software engine for enabling Speech, Speaker, Face, Object, Emotion Recognition and much more, using a unified set of APIs designed for Integrators and Software Developers -- works standalone (Android and Linux) and in client/server mode
RecoMadeEasy Embedded AudioVisual Recognition Engine by Recognition Technologies, Inc.
  • AudioVisual Recognition (Embedded) (Server Based)
    (Combination of Speaker, Speech, Face Recognition, and Object Detection and Recognition with a single interface)

  • Large-Vocabulary Speech Recognition (Embedded) (Server Based)
    Available for English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, and German (working on 30 other languages)
    Also Available in Bilingual Spanish-English, Mandarin-English, Arabic-English, and German-English
    (Customizable domain full transcription ~ 300,000+ word vocabulary)

  • Speaker Recognition (Embedded) (Server Based)
    (Language- and Text-Independent, aka: Speaker Biometrics, Voice Biometrics, or SIV)
    Recipient: Frost & Sullivan Award 2011

  • Face Recognition (Embedded) (Server Based)
    (Face detection and recognition)
    RecoMadeEasy® (Reco Made Easy)
    Embedded Face Recognition


    RecoMadeEasy® (Reco Made Easy) Embedded Face Recognition is an embedded image and video recognition engine that offers comprehensive face detection and facial recognition. The engine has a small memory footprint and is designed to run natively on devices that seek high recognition accuracy in the presence of service interruption or when full, uninterrupted and secure access to a cloud server is not guaranteed.

    The RecoMadeEasy® Face Recognition engine has been developed in our research labs in New York. When presented with a video stream or set of images, the engine via the API returns its results in the form of XML or JSON. The results include the timestamp where a face has been detected and the identity of the individual in that image. It is also capable of doing facial verification when presented with a claimed ID.

    The RecoMadeEasy® Face Reocgnition engine is also available as a server-side and a standalone product. It provides face detection, face identification (open-set and closed-set), and facial verification from still images and video streams. It supports all standard image and video formats such as png, jpeg, gif, mp2, mp4, .mov, etc.

    Supported Operating Systems

      The RecoMadeEasy® Embedded Face Recognigtion engine is available for the following operating systems. The C++ SDK, command-line interface, and web services may be used in any of the following systems:

    Embedded Operating Systems:

    • Android (aarch64 -- armv8a)(Latest)
    • Ubuntu 22.04 Mate Linux (aarch64)(Latest)

  • Object Recognition (Embedded) (Server Based)
    (Object detection and recognition)

For further information please contact us at 1-800-215-0841 inside the U.S. or +1-914-997-5676 from any other country. Alternatively, you may send an Email to Recognition Technologies, Inc.