Areas of Research and Expertise
  • Speaker Recognition
    Development of a number of successful techniques for large population speaker recognition in addition to general research and development in the field of pattern recognition with applications to Speaker Recognition (Large-Scale Identification and Verification), Segmentation, hybrid systems with face recognition and text processing, large scale search techniques, etc.

  • Automatic Language Proficiency Rating
    We have been successfully developing several different techniques for the automatic rating of natural human language proficiency in oral and written test scenarios.

  • Speech Recognition
    Research areas include all aspects of Large-Vocabulary speech recognition, speech segmentation, and Small-Vocabulary systems.

  • Face Recognition and Detection
    Research on face recognition and face detection. Most of our research has included frontal portrait face detection and recognition, to be used as a biometric.

  • Brainwave Recognition
    Research areas include all control and recognition activities through the use of Electroencephlography (EEG), but concentrating mostly on signal and pattern recognition aspects.

  • Signature Recognition
    Extensive work in this field including signature compression and recognition (identification and verification).

  • Handwriting Recognition
    Over 6 years of research in large-vocabulary, unconstrained handwriting recognition. Extensive work on Feature Extraction, Language Modeling, Compression, Segmentation and Normalization leading to a fully operational system.

  • Information Theory and Language Modeling
    Extensive research in Language Modeling and Information Theory pertaining to usage with Text Processing, Handwriting Recognition, Speech Recognition, and Hybrid Search systems using Textual Language as well as Speaker Voice and Face information.

  • Optimization
    Applications of Optimization in very large Portfolio Optimization problems, Learning Control, Adaptive Control, Neural Network Learning. Very active in this field at the present including Research done in conjunction with the Research department of Merrill-Lynch.

  • Adaptive Learning Control
    Formulated for the first time the adaptive-learning control strategies and provided solutions based on Optimization Methods, Adaptive Ideas and new parameter estimation schemes. Also formulated a continuous adaptive learning control system with a quite strong and theoretically sound control strategy based on previous work on adaptive parameter estimation and optimization.

  • Neural Network Learning
    Break-throughs in highly efficient learning schemes using second order techniques in optimization for Feed-Forward Neural Network Systems. Several journal and conference papers in this field including IEEE Best Paper Award for two conference papers in the field.

  • Electronic Music
    Treatment of On-line Common Music Notation using a Pen.

  • Language Modeling
    Treatment of highly compressed dictionaries, statistical N-Grams, Template Language models and Decision-Tree-based Language Models.

  • Image Compression
    Created Loss-Less Image Compression schemes or storing highly prized Art Collections for the Library of Congress. Recognition Technologies, Inc.